8 Safety Rules When Trekking in Kyrgyzstan

Many people go to the ‘Stans’ to go trekking in Tian Shan – the Mountains of Heaven, and Pamir – the Roof of the World. Some tourists want both. And as high as possible, please.

We’ve already spoken about Five reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan and the amazing mountainous nature is surely one of them! You can also check out some Interesting Facts About Kyrgyzstan.

We don’t want to scare you but what should you know before even enrolling into a mountain trekking tour?

Know Your Physical State

First, this isn’t going to be a nice walk in the park. You need to know your physical abilities and be sure about your general state of health. Wear waterproof trekking boots and some headwear.

The higher the better?

No, it doesn’t work like this in the mountains. Mountain disease is real. Very real! So, if you want to go high in the mountains, plan a several days tour so that you could make stops as you’re ascending. Say, start with 800m, stay overnight at 1600m, the next stop may be 3000 m. No hurry! Your body needs time to get adapted to a lack of oxygen.

Take care of Yourself and Love Yourself!

Be caring and loving to yourself! Mind changes in how you’re feeling, pay attention to your breath, heartbeat, and headache should you feel some. Do not run or jump too actively, keep your pace and walk steadily to keep your heartbeat and blood pressure normal.

Stay Hydrated!

Always have enough water with you. Drink a little at a time, just two or three swallows but increase water consumption up to 2 – 2.5 l per day while trekking.

Beware of Rockfalls!

Watch out for steep slopes. There is a danger of rockfall.

Step Your Feet Across the Mountain

Never run down a mountain! When going down step your feet counter-slope (they should always be parallel to the mountain bottom line, not turned downwards!).

No Plants Picking

Do not pick unknown plants. Some of them may be protected by the law as endangered species, some may be poisonous and dangerous for your health.

Stay Warm and Dry

Have warm clothes and a waterproof jacket/coat with you. The weather is very different up there from that one in the valley. The higher you go the more chances are that you’ll see the rain and even snow.

You can find 8 more DONT’s for visiting Kyrgyzstan here.

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