Travelling with Kids: Check-list for the Best Memories

Travelling with kids may be an unforgettable experience. The only question is: what exactly you are going to remember. While traveling adults may often be ready for a certain amount of discomfort. Stepping outside the comfort zone even may be one of the most exciting parts of a trip. But kids want their comfort and they will let the whole area know if they happen to lose it.

So, here is a check-list of simple things parents should always control to ensure the basic comfort for their kids while traveling.

  • Make sure the kid is in good health condition. Nobody can enjoy a trip if they feel unwell.
  • Make sure the kid gets enough sleep. Jet lags, night flights and rides, early morning sightseeing tours, late night walks or parties – the kid may adapt to any shifts but they do need their amount of sleeping hours. So do adults by the way.
  • Make sure the kid is not hungry. Always have a healthy snack with you. As adults, we can wait until we find a nice place to have dinner but kids usually don’t enjoy this search. Overwhelming impressions also seem to boost their appetite and metabolism. Be prepared for the kid to be hungry at unusual hours and more often than at home.
  • Make sure always to have water with you. ALWAYS. It seems obvious but a lot of parents don’t have water with them if their kids are older than 3. But a 5, 7 and even 12 yo child can not stand thirst either. Check out our reusable bottles and stay hydrated.
  • Make sure the kid does not feel hot. Most parents worry about their kids getting cold but kids have a perfectly adjusted thermo-regulatory system. If a kid feels cold they will just move more actively to warm up. And if they feel hot nobody in the family is going to enjoy their time. So, leaving an extra jacket at home will not only save space in your packing cubes but will also make the trip more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Make sure the kid is not bored. Always have some pocket-size games, something to make the kid busy or just learn some speech games to be ready to entertain the little one. Not all kids can enjoy the views for a long time. They need to be involved in some activity.
  • While planning your trip make sure the kid won’t have to be sitting for a long time without a chance to move. Their body still knows what is healthy for them. And lack of motion is definitely not.

To sum up, your little travel buddy must always be healthy, get enough sleep and motion, must not be hungry, thirsty or bored. Enjoy your trip!

Have more useful tips for other parents? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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