Five Must-Taste Foods in Central Asia

Historically mountainous countries in Central Asia are populated by former nomads. They are also Muslims. So, their cuisines are based on meat, but they do not eat pork. Here is an incomplete gourmet guide for you not to miss the tastiest.

1. Beshbarmak. Pieces of lamb boiled and served with lamb clear soup, onions and pieces of dough. The local sheep are grown in the mountains, Even if you normally don’t like lamb, this local specialty is a must-try. You will never try lamb of the same taste and flavor anywhere in the world.
2. Boorsoks. Pieces of dough fried in a large amount of oil. Many Asian peoples have similar dishes in their cuisines but there is always a slight difference in the recipe.
3. Chuchuk (Kazy). Horse sausage cooked on big important occasions, to treat the most welcome and respected guests for example. Every cook has their own recipe but it’s always 100% natural and organic: horse intestines filled with horse meat, fat and spices.
4. Kymys. Mare’s milk prepared in a very special way. Be careful with this one. It may be very healthy and tasty if prepared following hygienic rules but it may be very dangerous if sanitary conditions are inappropriate.
5. Fruits, berries, melons, watermelons. You will never try strawberries and melons like those in Central Asia anywhere in the world. They are grown locally, so they might not be available all year round. If you are a fruit fan the best time to go is August and September. If you’re going to go hiking do try wild strawberries in the mountains. Yes, it’s safe and it’s an unforgettable taste and flavor impression.

Don’t forget also to try manty, pilau, and chak-chak, shorpo, and nan. To put a long story short: if you’re a foodie going on a trip around Central Asia prepare to eat a lot of heavy substantial food. Make sure to drink enough water.

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Now dear foodies, share your most unusual food impression ever in the comments below.

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