Five Reasons to Visit Kyrgyzstan

‘Where the $#@! is that?’, you might have thought.

Kyrgyzstan is a small newly independent state, one of the former Soviet republics. 90% of its territory is covered with the wonderful Tien-Shan mountains which contain many hidden lakes of unexampled beauty.
We are serious now. It’s absolutely breathtaking. So, if you are an outdoors person, you love nature, hiking, exploring places where not many people have been before – Kyrgyzstan must take the no.1 position on your bucket list.

But we know you love lists, so here we go. 5 reasons to go

1. Amazing nature. When we say amazing – we mean it, remember? Make sure always to have your cameras charged! You will want to capture your every step in the beautiful Tien-Shan mountains, canyons and by the mountain lakes.
2. Friendly hospitable locals. The local oriental traditional hospitality is not just words. It’s in their blood.
3. Great food. Well, of course, it’s all a matter of taste but the local cuisine is such an astonishing mixture of different cultural impacts that you will definitely find and taste something that you will never forget.
4. English. No, they are not native speakers, of course, but a lot of young people do speak good English because they have many international organizations branches there as well as international companies. So, you are very unlikely to have any communication issues here.
5. Nice weather. The best time to visit is summer, but whenever you come, you’re likely to enjoy the sun shining brightly most of the time.

And a BONUS reason to go is that you can delegate all organizational issues.
Let us know if you want to get your tour around Kyrgyzstan arranged for you.

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