Five Trip-hacks on How NOT to Lose your Luggage or Find it Faster

A long flight is over. You are dreaming about taking a shower and finally putting on your favorite holiday wear. You rush to the luggage claim area. Suitcases of all types, sizes and colors are floating by. Less and less frequently. The band stops but your bag never came out.

Here are five tips to help you get your bag back faster.

  1. Always remove tags and stickers from your previous journeys. They confuse both scanners and people. Bags are sent in the wrong direction just because their owners collect stickers on their bags.
  2. When checking in your luggage revise the information on your baggage check: your name, flight, destination. Most often you check in your luggage with a human help. Humans make mistakes. Yes, it’s their job and their responsibility but it’s you who will have trouble.
  3. Make your bag different. Add something special – a cover, a strap, anything that will make it noticeable and easy to recognize. Not only it will help you to see your bag fast on the band, but should it be lost, it will make it easier for you to explain what you are looking for.
  4. Use luggage tags. Bags can not only be lost by the airline but also be confused and taken by someone else. Of course this may only happen if you have ignored our advice No. 3. Anyway show some contact information on the tag to make it easier for your lost dear to find its way back home.
  5. Before checking your bag in take a photo of it. It’s also a good idea to know the bag dimensions and contents. In case your luggage is lost somewhere abroad on its way back it will have to go through customs clearance and here you’ll be asked to list the things you have in the bag and prove they are your personal belongings not for sale.

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