Five Trip-hacks on Visiting Russia

– Do you know why it’s so cool to live in Russia?
– No, why?
– Because everyone in the world thinks we do have bears as pets. But do you know why it’s not really that cool to live in Russia?
– No, why?
– Because we actually don’t.

A Russian joke

Russia is a huge country covering many time and climate zones but most tourists choose Moscow and ST. Petersburg for their first visit.

  • The best time to visit in terms of weather – from May to October. If you are a theater fan, check out theaters’ schedules to plan your visit. The seasons usually open on September 23-25.
  • Choose accommodation within the walking distance from the metro, better closer to the center of the cities.
  • Be prepared that most people in Russia do not speak English but you can find a volunteer guide/helper willing to practice their English. Russians learning English are quite open-minded, friendly and helpful.
  • You can use your UBER in Russia as well as local taxi applications, such as yandex taxi, get taxi etc. Language hassle-free and safe. Keep in mind heavy traffic in both Moscow and St.Petersburg during the day and drawbridge in St.Petersburg in the night time.
  • If you find yourself on the wrong bank of the Neva in St.Petersburg you have several options. You may enjoy a night walk around the city. You may get warm and cozy in one of the multiple coffee shops open 24/7. Or you can take a metro shuttle which only operates to bring you to the other side of the river – Admiralteyskaya <–> Sportivnaya.

BONUS TIP 1: Whenever you go to Moscow and St.Petersburg always make sure to have some rain protection with you. The weather is really changeable there.

BONUS TIP 2: You may not always be able to crossroads at traffic lights or pedestrian crosswalks. Drivers in Russia may not always observe the rules and be respectful to pedestrians. We highly recommend you to be visible: wear clothes in light colors and/or use light reflectors on your outwear or backpacks.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

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