Hacks on How to Save on Flights

It’s a kind of a game nowadays: the companies try their best hacks to charge us more using special algorithms and marketing tools. And we, the travelers, share our best hacks to pay less and travel cheaper. So, here we go. Our team’s experienced travelers are disclosing their secrets to you.

1. Delete your browser cookies before you book airline tickets. Prices go up when you visit the booking site multiple times.
2. Check both official airline sites and aggregators. The latter often offer lower fares for exactly the same flights.
3. ‘Play’ with the language and currency combination. Sometimes it helps.
4. Check local domains of the aggregators (skyscanner .ru, .com, .de, etc.). You still can choose your language and play with currencies.
5. Check flexible dates whenever you can.
6. Check multiple destination flights. Sometimes the first shoulder of such a flight may cost you less than a separate flight.
CAUTION! This method only works for the one-way first part of the route! When you miss the second flight in your ticket the airline automatically cancels your return booking.
CAUTION 2! Make sure to check your luggage in only to your destination, not to the final one.
7. Use bank products offering miles collection for your purchases.
8. While booking be careful and check if the unnecessary add-ons are unticked. The booking site may automatically tick additional insurance, luggage, priority check-in, seat selection or meals you may not want.
9. Be aware that some low-cost airlines charge extra if you pay by a debit card encouraging you to use your credit card.
10. Always check tour agencies offers. Their hot tours to some destinations are sometimes cheaper than the flight alone and nobody is forcing you to use the whole package. We mean you just use the flight tickets, have your time and appear at the airport for your return flight. Sometimes the tour is even cheaper than a one-way flight. It may work or may not, but checking the option is free anyway.
11. Have a reusable bottle with you. It may sound pennywise but if you fly by a low-cost sometimes the water you buy onboard may cost you more than the flight while many airports have free potable water taps in the departure area. You just need a bottle.
12. Make sure to check-in online. Many low-cost companies charge more than the flight fare for checking in at the airport.

Know more hacks? Share below!

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