Trip Hacks on Building an Itinerary Around Thailand

Thailand is so much more than just beaches, palms and coconuts. It’s also mango, durians and mangosteens. Just kidding.

So, how can we get the most of a trip to this wonderful exotic country?

First of all, let’s take a look at the map and realize that it’s rather big and not limited to the famous islands of Samui and Phuket. We can also notice some heights on the map. Although those are not real mountains they do play a big part in making climate in Thailand diverse and seasons conventional.

Pay attention to the fact that the most well-known touristic islands are located in different seas. It means that they are surrounded by different streams and blown by different winds. Subsequently, they have different seasons during the year, different high and low tides, storms and stills calendars, high and low seasons at different times.

Some beach places (like Hua Hin for example) also have sand flees and jellyfish seasons which are hard to predict. Just inquire local communities.

But since we have agreed that Thailand is not only beaches let’s try to make up a sample itinerary covering different regions for us to see and experience the country to the fullest.

Most tourists enter the country through Suvarnabhumi international airport in Bangkok. A nice start.

A couple of life hacks.

  • if you’re traveling on budget you can have a great and really cheap Thai style lunch at the food-court downstairs on L-floor.
  • Comfortable coaches leave from the same floor in different directions around Thailand every half an hour. You can book your seat at . In case they don’t provide your destination, check out here

You may also choose to stay in Bangkok for some time.

There are two options on how to get out of the airport.

  • Skyline is cheap, fast and accurate on the schedule.

But if you are traveling with kids and/or voluminous luggage you may choose to go to your accommodation by taxi.

  • Make sure to install Grab App on your smartphone. It will help you out all around Thailand. Really affordable and language hassle-free. The app has an inbuilt e-translator so you can easily communicate with the driver even if they don’t speak English (not all of them do). Enjoy your discount for the first ride using our link or PROMO: GRAB0I29NHKY .

Ok, where are we heading from Bangkok? Depending on the season you may choose to see either south or north first. And you may choose either the Gulf or the Andaman sea islands in the south.

Let’s say you fly to Phuket.

  • Make sure to book a tour or a ferry to Phi Phi islands – one of the most beautiful and amazing destinations on the planet famous for its white sand beaches, aquamarine waters, James Bond and The Island movies.
  • End of March is the end of the season which means lower prices and fewer people but the weather is still good and the sea is still friendly for swimming.

If you choose to see the Gulf islands – Samui, Koh Tao, and Koh Phangan, you may fly from Bangkok to Samui and then use a ferry to the other islands and back. Or you can fly from Phuket to Samui. Or you can use bus and ferry options which are cheaper but way more tiresome.

Tired of burning in the sun?

Check out the flights from Samui to Chiang Mai. They may be really cheap and you’ll enjoy the amazing open-air airport on Samui.

  • CAUTION: We DO NOT recommend going to Chiang Mai area in spring – early March to the end of May or at least check out the quality of air ( ) . Please, take this caution seriously especially if you are allergic or have respiratory system issues.

If you choose to go to Chiang Mai you might also see Chiang Rai and Pai. Check out public transportation options that may help you travel around the area.

You can go back to Bangkok by bus or by plane. It’s an internal flight that will probably arrive at Don Mueang airport. So make sure your stopover is long enough to get to the international airport keeping in mind crazy traffic in Bangkok.

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