Interesting Facts about Kyrgyzstan

Meeting local people is always one of the most exciting parts of any adventure. When you travel to Kyrgyzstan you’ll hear many names you’ve never heard before. But they are not just traditional names. Almost each of them has a translatable meaning. So, here are some interesting facts about most popular Kyrgyz names.

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The names below are female. And you will definitely meet some beautiful Kyrgyz girls proud of their meaningful names.

Aygul – Moon or Beautiful Flower, a girl beautiful as a flower.

There is a legend around this name. Once upon a time a rich man’s daughter fell in love with a regular warrior. When the girl got to know that her beloved one fell in a battle she couldn’t bare the grief and jumped down from a high rock. Beautiful flowers grew from the girl’s blood drops: Ay -beautiful, gul – flower.

Aysulu – Moon Beauty, a girl beautiful as the Moon.

A Turkic name also popular among other Turkic peoples.

Aynur(a) – Moon Beam or Moon Light

From the earliest times the Turkic peoples have considered the Moon to be the patron of women, women’s beauty and virtues.

Bermet – Pearl

This one is tricky. We couldn’t find any information about its origin. Like other Turkic peoples, the Kyrgyz used to be nomads and they could hardly be pearl hunters. The Great Silk Road must have brought the beautiful pearls to them. If you know the history or some legends about this name we encourage you to share them in the comments below.

Jyldyz – Star, the Bright, the Shining

Not much to add. Giving this name to their daughter parents want to show how much light she is bringing in their life.

Nazgul – Tender (Charming, Gentle) Flower

Although the Kyrgyz history remembers the times when women were really hard and strong playing the leading parts in their society and politics this name is about tenderness and softness.

Nurgul – Shining Flower (Moonlight or Sunlight Flower).

You may notice that many of the names contain the part ‘gul’. It means ‘flower’. Parents call their daughters flowers. Isn’t it romantic?

Altynay – Golden Moon

Altyn means ‘gold’ which is a symbol of beauty and virtue. Ay means ‘Moon’ which is a symbol of beauty and faithfulness. Giving this name to their daughter parents wish her a long and prosperous life.

The Kyrgyz usually know what their names mean and they will be happy to explain the meaning to you. Just ask. You’ll learn a lot of interesting facts about Kyrgyzstan if you are curious enough.

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